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    Microscopy Methods Combined to Achieve Molecular Resolution

    Article obtained from BioPhotonics RSS Feed.

    An international team of researchers has combined superresolution microscopy method dSTORM with expansion microscopy to overcome a previous limitation of superresolution microscopy.

    Previously, nanometer resolution had only been a theoretical possibility. Antibodies carrying a fluorescent dye to label cell structures could not reach their intended target.
    (a) Three-dimensional Ex-dSTORM of 3.2× expanded centrioles; measuring bar 1 µm. (b) The enlarged section of (a) shows the ninefold symmetry of the percentile; measuring bar 500 nm. (c) Three-dimensional Ex-dSTORM of 3.1-fold expanded tubulin filaments; measuring bar 2 µm. (d) The magnification in (c) shows a tubulin filament; measuring bar 500 nm. (e) The…

    Jul, 13 2020 |

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