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    Mathematical Model Based on Maxwell’s Equations Leads to Discovery of New Lightwave

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Equations developed by physicist James Clerk Maxwell have helped to reveal how crystals can be manipulated to produce a distinctive form of lightwave. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Pennsylvania State University made the discovery by analyzing how light waves interact with certain naturally occurring or man-made crystals.

    The researchers found that a previously unknown type of lightwave, recently named the Dyakonov-Voigt wave, was produced at the interface where the crystals meet another material, such as oil or water. Dyakonov-Voigt waves can be produced only by using certain types of crystals whose optical properties depend on the direction in which light passes through them.

    Dyakonov-Voigt waves decay as…

    Sep, 09 2019 |

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