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    Light-Activated Dynamic Looping Triggers Gene Expression

    Article obtained from BioPhotonics RSS Feed.

    Using a technique called light-activated dynamic looping, or LADL, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania are investigating the role that genome folding plays in gene expression. The team has demonstrated how LADL can be used for quickly creating specific genome folding patterns on demand, using light as a trigger.

    LADL combines aspects of two other biotechnological tools — CRISPR/Cas9 and optogenetics. By using CRISPR/Cas 9 to target the ends of a specific genome fold, or loop, and then using optogenetics to snap the ends together like a magnet, the researchers can temporarily create loops between exact genomic segments in a matter of hours.

    Once CRISPR/Cas9 was found to solve the targeting problem, the researchers…

    Jul, 26 2019 |

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