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    Lateral Scan Technologies Spur Optical Design, Enable Microscope to Accelerate Laser Focusing Speed

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    To overcome the limitations of high-speed volumetric imaging due to slow axial scanning rates or aberrations introduced by the z-scanning mechanism, scientists at UT Southwestern have introduced a novel optical design that transforms a lateral scan motion into a scan in the third dimension. The technique allowed the microscope to achieve a laser focusing rate of 12 kHz and allowed the observation of fast dynamics inside cells and the beating hearts of zebra fish embryos.

    The speed of imaging in high-speed volumetric imaging is tightly tied to how fast the position of the imaging system’s focus can be changed, particularly in the third dimension.

    Traditionally, refocusing is done either by mechanically moving the…

    Sep, 28 2020 |

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