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    Lasers Allow Mass-Producible Microscopic Robots to Walk

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    A collaboration led by Cornell University has created mass-producible microscopic robots with semiconductor components that allow them to be controlled and made to walk with laser light and standard electronic signals.

    The robots are roughly the size of a paramecium and provide a template for building even more complex versions that use silicon-based intelligence, that can be mass-produced, and that may someday travel through human tissue and blood.

    The project, led by Itai Cohen and Paul McEuen of Cornell and their former postdoctoral researcher Marc Miskin, now an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, yielded robots about 5 µm thick, 40 µm wide, and 40 to 70 µm in length. Each robot consists…

    Sep, 01 2020 |

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