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    Laser Pulse Creates Nonlinear Effects in Amorphous Dielectric Material

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    A new, all-optical technique for creating second-order nonlinear effects in materials that normally do not support them could lead to new options for creating these effects for optical computers, high-speed data processors, and bioimaging. A research group from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) developed the technique, using a red laser to create the nonlinear effects.

    For their experiment, the researchers created an array of tiny plasmonic gold triangles on the surface of a centrosymmetric titanium dioxide (TiO2) slab in their lab. They illuminated the TiO2/gold structure with a pulse of red laser light. The laser beam acted as an optical switch, breaking the crystal symmetry of the material. The laser pulse, when fired…

    Jan, 08 2020 |

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