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    Interactive Hologram uses Ultrasound Waves and LEDs

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researchers at the University of Sussex have built a device that uses LEDs and ultrasound waves to levitate a polystyrene bead and create tactile, 3D holograms.

    A holographic butterfly created by a vibrating polystyrene bead and LED lights flutters inside the MATD. Courtesy of Ryuji Hirayama, University of Sussex.
    The device, known as a Multimodal Acoustic Trap Display (MATD), maneuvers the 2-mm-wide bead at up to 20 mph, tracing shapes in the air colorized by the LEDs. At this speed, human brains are unable to perceive the bead moving and instead see the shape it creates.

    By vibrating the bead in its flight pattern, the scientists were able to transmit speech, sound effects, and music through the holograms. The manipulated…

    Nov, 14 2019 |

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