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    Full-Power 3-Petawatt ZEUS Laser Awarded $18.5M

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    The 3-petawatt (PW) ZEUS laser at the University of Michigan has been awarded $18.5 million by the NSF to establish it as a federally funded international user facility. ZEUS is expected to begin its first experiments in 2022.

    ZEUS, which stands for zetawatt-equivalent ultrashort-pulse laser system, will be the most powerful laser in the U.S. Although it won’t have as much raw power as the two 10-PW lasers in Europe or the 5.3-PW laser and planned 100-PW laser in China, its approach will simulate a laser that is roughly a million times more powerful than its 3 PW.
    Artist impression of ZEUS’s full-power 3-petawatt laser pulse colliding with an electron beam, creating pairs of electrons and their antiparticles,…

    Aug, 16 2021 |

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