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    Fraunhofer Leads £10M Effort to Advance Quantum Tech

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    In a project named QT Assemble, Fraunhofer’s Centre for Applied Photonics (CAP) is leading a collaborative effort to make quantum technology easier to adopt. The project aims to address the challenges of size, weight, power, and reliability through the use of innovative assembly processes such as waveguide writing, nanoscale alignment, and monolithic integration.

    Fraunhofer CAP will work with 13 organizations across the U.K.: the University of Strathclyde, INEX Microtechnology, the University of Southampton, PowerPhotonic Ltd., Gooch & Housego (Torquay) Ltd., Photon Force Ltd., ColdQuanta UK Ltd., UniKLasers Ltd., Covesion Ltd., RedWave Labs Ltd., Caledonian Photonics Ltd., Alter Technology Tuv Nord UK Ltd., and AegiQ Ltd….

    Sep, 21 2020 |

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