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    ‘Firefly’ Imaging Technique Sheds Light on Molecular Forces

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Using tools made of luminescent DNA, researchers at Emory University have visualized the mechanical forces of cells at the molecular level. The researchers demonstrated the technique on human blood platelets.

    “Normally, an optical microscope cannot produce images that resolve objects smaller than the length of a lightwave, which is about 500 nm,” said Khalid Salaita, senior author of the study. “We found a way to leverage recent advances in optical imaging along with our molecular DNA sensors to capture forces at 25 nm. That resolution is akin to being on the moon and seeing the ripples caused by raindrops hitting the surface of a lake on Earth.”

    The researchers turned strands of synthetic DNA into…

    Sep, 24 2020 |

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