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    Electrode-Water Interface Produces Giant Pockels Effect for a ‘Liquid’ Light Modulator

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    A new type of light modulator could lead to a better understanding of how the Pockels effect occurs in different types of materials, making it possible to more fully explore its potential in optical applications. A team of scientists at the Tokyo University of Science, led by professor Eiji Tokunaga, performed the research.

    Twelve years ago, this team discovered that the Pockels effect could be observed in the top layer, also called the interfacial layer, of water when the water was in contact with an electrode. Although the Pockels coefficient was an order of magnitude greater, a highly sensitive detector was required because this effect was generated in the thin interfacial layer in water only. “It is difficult to measure the…

    Nov, 25 2019 |

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