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    Dye Boosts Bioimaging Capability

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Fluorescence imaging has been a boon to research and medicine because of its ability to examine affected areas noninvasively. But the dyes used for these purposes have their disadvantages, and as resolution needs have grown stronger, the stakes for accuracy have increased exponentially.
    A tumor-burdened mouse, imaged with the aid of s775z dye. Courtesy of Cynthia Schreiber.
    A group of scientists from the University of Notre Dame has found that by creating a stable dye with a molecular shield — amounting to “arms” that prevent undesired binding with other dyes — they have been able to improve results over conventional alternatives. They used an aromatic compound to generate this effect and called this dye…

    Jun, 15 2020 |

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