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    Driving with shrimp vision

    Article obtained from BioPhotonics RSS Feed.

    Mantis shrimp — a distant relative of the prawn that hang off the edges of cocktail glasses — were the inspiration for a new type of camera that could make autonomous cars even safer.

    The camera, featuring a high-dynamic-range polarization imaging sensor, was developed by a team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Its dynamic range is about 10,000× higher than commercial cameras currently being used. By mimicking the vision of a mantis shrimp, the sensor enables the camera to better spot hazards in challenging imaging conditions, such as transitions from a dark area (a garage, for example) to a bright area (outside on a sunny day), and in hazy or foggy conditions. Compared to the color cameras…

    Apr, 22 2019 |

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