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    Dancing Electrons Solve Long-Standing Puzzle of Oldest Magnetic Material

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    An international team of experimental and theoretical researchers has discovered fingerprints of the quasiparticles that drive the phase transformation in magnetite, according to a paper published March 9 in Nature Physics.

    A red laser beam triggers the dance of the newly discovered electronic waves in magnetite. Courtesy of Ambra Garlaschelli.
    Using an ultrashort laser pulse, the researchers were able to confirm the existence of peculiar electronic waves that are frozen at the transition temperature and start “dancing together” in a collective oscillating motion as the temperature is lowered.

    When the temperature is lowered below 125 K, magnetite changes from a metal to an insulator, its atoms shift to a new…

    Mar, 23 2020 |

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