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    Cosmetics sees biophotonics in mirror

    Article obtained from BioPhotonics RSS Feed.

    Since the discovery of an ultraweak biological photon emission almost a century ago, biophotonics has found its way into many industries centered on health and beauty. While this specialized research is known for its applications in medicine, the insight it has provided has reaped rewards for the cosmetic industry as well. Customers of beauty products have biophotonics to thank for much of what they see on the shelves.

    Born at the convergence of light and live tissues, biophotonics has long had a natural place in the life and environmental sciences, agriculture, and health care. One of its best known technical applications is the use of lasers, put to work worldwide for surgery (refractive, endovascular, dental) and dermatology and…

    Feb, 05 2020 |

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