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    Commercial Small Animal Imaging Could Aid Disease Detection

    Article obtained from BioPhotonics RSS Feed.

    The development of anticancer metastatic therapies for human clinical trials requires meticulous evaluation of efficacy and optimization of small animal test models in preclinical experimentation1. Critical information on morphology and the molecular microenvironment of tumors is currently obtained and monitored using noninvasive, in vivo imaging methods. Detection of individual, small tumors (separated by 2 mm or less) pushes the limits of small animal imaging modalities currently on the market, which can prohibit noninvasive quantification of the volume of metastatic lesions.

    Photoacoustic and optical images of the ventrodorsal view of a mouse specimen: 532 nm (yellow, skin level) + 890 nm (red, deep anatomy) (a); 532 nm (yellow,…

    Sep, 11 2019 |

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