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    Color Superlensing Could Break Through Diffraction Barrier

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researcher Sergey Kharinstev and his team at Kazan Federal University recently published a paper in Optics Letters where they detail the design of a new type of metalens capable of imaging beyond the optical diffraction limit.

    Schematic of the working principle of a disordered TiN/TiO2. Courtesy of Kazan University.
    A metalens described in the article is a thin composite metal-dielectric film placed on a dielectric substrate; the width is several dozen nanometers.

    “The light has a wave nature, so there is a diffraction limit which confines the resolution of traditional optical microscopy,” said Kharintsev, who believes his team’s discovery might lead to the use of optical technologies in nanoscale integral…

    Jan, 23 2020 |

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