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    Circus Roncalli swaps live animals for ‘holographic’ videos

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    The journey to cruelty-free circus acts began in 2020 not with a bang or clashing cymbals but with the whisper of discovery over centuries, and the curiosity of light.

    Around 500 B.C., Pythagoras said light emanated from a luminous object to the eye. Two hundred years later, Aristotle believed light was indefinable and not worth serious contemplation. Ptolemy discovered the process of light refraction circa 130 A.D., and a thousand years later, Arab mathematician Alhazen introduced the concept of a light ray.

    Just before his death in 1673, French priest Ignace-Gaston Pardies published his manuscript Traité complet d’Optique (Complete Optical Treatise), in which he proposed the first notions of wave theory. In 1678,…

    Jan, 02 2020 |

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