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    Active Substance Optically Manipulates Component of Cytoskeleton

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    An international research team from Jena, Munich, and New York has used photopharmacology — the use of light to switch the effect of drugs on and off — to control actin, a component of cells that was previously considered inaccessible.

    “Up to now, there were no drugs available that targeted actin, because the protein is found everywhere in the body,” professor Hans-Dieter Arndt of Friedrich Schiller University said. “Such a substance would therefore have little to no targeted effect. However, our new compounds only exert activity on actin in areas where cells are exposed to the appropriate light.”

    The researchers synthesized a variant of a natural substance that stiffens the dynamic actin…

    May, 22 2020 |

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