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    2D Material for Photodetectors Is Less Costly, More Sensitive Than Gold

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researchers at Drexel University are using MXene, a 2D transition metal carbide (Ti3C2), to fabricate photodetectors with improved sensitivity for substantially less cost. The researchers replaced gold, typically used in the fabrication of photodetectors because of its high conductivity, with a thin, transparent layer of MXene.

    “One of the greatest challenges of fabricating photodetectors is the deposition of gold contacts. In addition to the cost of the gold itself, the fabrication process must be performed at a high-temperature and in vacuum chamber, which is also quite costly,” researcher Kiana Montazeri said. “We are replacing gold with MXenes, which are less costly materials, and producing the photodetector…

    Nov, 15 2019 |

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