Enhance Chromatographic Performance with Robust 1.0mm ColumnsIDEX Health & Science

    Enhance Chromatographic Performance with Robust 1.0mm Columns

    Do you experience inconsistencies in your low-flow UHPLC analysis over the lifetime of your column? Column tube surface finishes can impact consistent packing of small ID columns used for microbore applications. Small ID Stainless Steel tubes have inconsistent surface roughness. Common challenges caused by inconsistent surface finishes include poor sensitivity and peak fronting. To reduce the fronting effects of stainless-steel tubing and efficiently pack smaller particle column media, we have developed a hybrid PEEK-lined stainless-steel column. This column system is engineered with an extremely smooth internal surface (sub-4µin Ra) for uniform packing of small particle substrates up to 40k packing pressure.

    IDEX Health & Science 1.0mm column

    This smaller bore size is key to analyzing the separation of biologics faster with limited samples. Take advantage of our smoother ID surface finish, at higher pressures and achieve reliable, repeatable UHPLC analyses.

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