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    Company Overview

    Below you will find an overview of IDEX Health & Science. Scroll through the thumbnails on the right side of each section to see more videos.

    Partnership Opportunities

    Below you will find stories surrounding the importance of supplier partnership.

    Product Capabilities

    Below you will find a suite of videos that describe our fluidics, microfluidics, imaging and illumination, and bioprocessing product capabilities.

    Webinars / Live Product Demonstrations

    Below you will find a compilation of educational webinars and tutorials about advances in imaging and illumination technologies, how to choose the best optical filters for your optical system, methods to optimize, monitor, and control fluidics and more.

    Fittings 101 Video Series

    In this series of videos, you will learn the basics of connections and fittings including: What a fitting is and how it works. How to differentiate between types of nuts and ferrules. Why choosing the correct fittings for your application is integral to making a perfection connection. And how to easily achieve perfect UHPLC connections with our torque limiting technology.

    Download a copy of our Fittings 101 Guide to learn more how fittings work.

    IDEX Health & Science is the global authority in fluidics and optics, bringing to life advanced optofluidic technologies with our products, people, and engineering expertise. Intelligent solutions for life.