4 Week Lead Time Guaranteed - or your next custom coating order is 50%

Don’t let your unused R&D budget go to waste!

Reserve your coating slot by November and enjoy the benefits of our flexible design options, professional service, and guaranteed 4 week lead times. We combine deep technical expertise with creative engineering teams who understand how to bring product ideas to market successfully for leading OEM customers worldwide.

4 Week Lead Times Guaranteed for new coating design orders placed in November or your next custom coating order is 50% off* (terms and conditions apply).

Why should you choose Semrock Optical Filters for your new instrument concept?

  • Speed and Support: With a large and experienced Applications and Filter Design team, we are available to quickly get to the solution for your specific need.
  • Design for Scale: With thoughtful design approaches and highly repeatable manufacturing controls you can be sure your concepts can scale to mass production
  • Unmatched Performance: Semrock-brand filters use cutting-edge coating technology that will make every photon count in your system.
  • Best-in-Class SearchLight Modeling: Combine custom and catalog filter designs to customize where you need and economize where you don’t.

Secure your optical filter coating time on your calendar today!

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*Terms & Conditions:

  • 4 weeks from date of order acknowledgement to shipment date excluding holidays
  • Coating and final part sizes are within our standard capabilities using on-hand materials
  • Excludes non-standard glass and housings and coating requiring special assembly
  • Orders must be received between October 23rd and December 1st
  • 2nd order to claim 50% discount (if applicable) must be placed within 6 months
  • Other terms apply

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