Precolumn Microfilters Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

Initial Set-Up

  1. Finger tighten the preassembled unit into the inlet port of your column.
  2. Remove the female nut and the MicroFerrule.
  3. For MicroTight Tubing Sleeves: Insert your tubing into an appropriately-sized MicroTight tubing sleeve - 25um - 51um (.001” - .002”) greater than the OD of your capillary tubing. Make sure your fused silica tubing does not extend past the end of the tubing sleeve.
  4. For 1/16” OD tubing: Direct connect.
  5. Finger tighten the nut and ferrule back onto the unit, while continuing to firmly push the tubing or tubing and sleeve assembly against the bottom of the receiving port.

Pre-column microfilter drawing

IDEX Health & Science Precolumn Microfilter