Peristaltic Tubing Adapter Instructions

by IDEX Health & Science

Peristaltic Tubing Adapter IDEX Health & Science

  1. Cut a piece of tubing long enough to reach from one tubing stop over the pump rollers and to the other tubing stop, at the desired tension.
  2. Select the enclosed retainer sleeve with a thru-hole that most closely matches the outer diameter of your peristaltic tubing.
  3. Slide the adapter cap and retainer sleeve onto the tubing, leaving some tubing extending past the sleeve.
  4. Push the end of the tubing as far onto the cone of the adapter body as possible. Next, slide the retainer sleeve snugly onto the cone and then finger tighten the cap onto the body.
  5. Couple your polymeric tubing to each end of the adapter assembly, utilizing the fittings provided. Then, carefully place the peristaltic tubing over the pump rollers.