One-Piece Super Flangeless Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

Note: This Super Flangeless fitting system has been engineered for use with semi-rigid walled tubing, manufactured from polymers such as FEP, PFA, ETFE, etc.

  1. Slip the One-Piece Super Flangeless fitting over your rigid-walled flow path tubing, ensuring the tubing passes all the way through the fitting and that the end of the tubing is flush with the end of the fitting.
  2. Tighten the fitting into an appropriately-threaded receiving port, applying at least 2-4 inch-pounds (0.23-0.45 N*m) of tightening torque. (If a torque wrench is not available, the required tightening torque can be estimated by rotating the fitting approximately one-half turn past "first contact" -- i.e., the point where the bottom of the fitting first touches the base of the receiving port.}

Caution: Do not over-tighten this fitting, as doing so may reduce the overall performance.