NanoPort™ Assemblies

by IDEX Health & Science

Nanoport diagram

The N-333 will be supplied with the base port, gasket, fittings and sleeves. The fittings are for 1/16” OD tubing and the included sleeves will connect 1/32” & 360um OD tubing as well.

The assembly does not include epoxy or adhesive. We recommend contact Loctite for the appropriate bonding agent.

The gasket is placed in the recessed area (green arrow). This will ensure the fluidic pathway is protected from the adhesive / epoxy used to bond the port. The adhesive will be placed on the outer portion of the bottom of the port (red arrow). Most epoxies/adhesives from Loctite will have a convenient tip to easily place the bonding agent on the outer portion. We expect the assembly to withstand 100 psi with Loctite use.

NanoPort Assemblies provide consistent fluid connections for chip-based analyses. NanoPort connections will bond to a variety of substrate materials with the use of Loctite.

All NanoPort components are made of inert, biocompatible PEEK polymer (nuts and ports), Perlast® perfluoroelastomer (gaskets), and ETFE (ferrules). Their unique design also prevents adhesive contamination of the fluid path. And NanoPort connections add no additional volume to the fluid path, virtually eliminating dead volume traditionally associated with chip-based fluid connections.

Nanoport assembly with specifications


Our NanoPort Assembly will readily connect 1/16” OD tubing with the included fittings. To connect 1/32” OD or 360µm OD, tubing sleeves for each size are included in each assembly. Adhesive is not included in the N-333 NanoPort Assembly. Please contact IDEX Health & Science for bonding information or use common bonding adhesives such as Loctite.