How-To Guide for MicroTight Adapters

by IDEX Health & Science

MicroTight® Adapter

  1. Fingertighten the Gauge Plug into the 10-32 port.
  2. Insert your tubing into a MicroTight® tubing sleeve. Use the fittings included and the appropriate MicroTight tubing sleeve (25µm - 51µm (.001”-.002”) larger than the overall OD of your capillary tubing).
  3. Insert your sleeved tubing into the Micro Fingertight.
  4. Lightly tighten the assembled unit into the 6-32 end of the adapter making sure that the tubing and sleeve are pushed firmly against the Gauge Plug.
  5. Remove the Gauge Plug.
  6. Insert your 1/16"OD tubing into the 10-32 Micro Fingertight provided.
  7. Tighten the Fingertight and tubing assembly into the other end of the adapter until it butts up against the Micro Fingertight assembly.

Your adapter is now ready for use.