Micro-Splitter Valve Instructions

by IDEX Health & Science

Micro-Splitter Valves

  1. Connect your incoming fluid line to the inlet port (see diagram) using the fittings provided.
  2. Connect the tubing line which is to receive the higher percentage of the inlet flow to port #2.
  3. The tubing to receive the metered flow is connected to Port #3, in the same manner as the other two ports. If you are using a valve with a 6-32 threaded port for capillary connections, use the appropriately sized IDEX Health & Science MicroTight® tubing sleeve for your tubing (available separately) and the provided F-125 MicroTight® fitting.
  4. Start the fluid transfer through your system. Using the adjustment knob on the valve, increase or decrease the flow rate through port #3 to the desired level (rotating the knob clockwise decreases flow).