Micro-Metering Valve Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

Micro-Metering Valve

  1. Connect your fluid line to the inlet port of the valve, using the fitting provided.
  2. Connect your effluent tubing line to the outlet port of the valve, using the fitting provided.
  3. Rotate the thumbscrew counterclockwise one complete turn, to ensure fluid transfer through the outlet port with minimal resistance upon initial setting.
  4. Start the fluid transfer through your system, and use the thumbscrew on the valve to increase or decrease the amount of fluid leaving the valve through the outlet port (clockwise to decrease flow, counterclockwise to increase the flow).
  5. Connect the effluent tubing to the apparatus of your choice.

Please Note: This Micro-Metering Valve has been tested to provide a flow rate as low as 3.5μL/min. This specification is for systems using water, where the flow is 1.0mL/min. Other flow rates and solvent systems will show different operating characteristics.