LuerTight™ Fittings Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

For 1/16" LuerTight Fittings

Instructions for 1/16" Female LuerTight Fittings

  1. Slide the female LuerTight fitting and purple ferrule, in that order, over the tubing, making sure to keep the end of the tubing flush with the base of the ferrule, as shown on the diagram.
  2. Attach the red LuerTight seating tool to the female LuerTight fitting by screwing it firmly onto the female LuerTight body. This will seat the ferrule into the luer fitting. Remove the seating tool and set it aside.

Instructions for 1/16" Male LuerTight Fittings

  • Slide the male LuerTight fitting and yellow ferrule, in that order, over the tubing. With the ferrule facing down, firmly press the fitting and ferrule combination down onto a hard surface to seat the ferrule and allow it to grip your tubing properly.

LuerTight™ Fittings

For 1/8" LuerTight Fittings

Instructions for 1/8" Female LuerTight Fittings

  • Follow the instructions for the 1/16" fittings, as described above, except that the color of the ferrule is clear.

Instructions for 1/8" Male LuerTight Fittings

  • Simply slide the fitting over the end of the tubing, making sure the end of the tubing is flush with the end of the fitting.
    Please Note: No ferrule is needed with the 1/8" version of the male LuerTight fitting.

Assembly for All LuerTight Fittings

  • To connect properly, simply twist any LuerTight fitting together.