Low Pressure Back-Pressure Regulator Assembly

by IDEX Health & Science

Instructions For Use

  1. To use this back-pressure regulator assembly properly, attach your OD tubing, using the fittings provided. Be certain to note the directional arrow on the outside of the assembly, which indicates the flow direction necessary for the unit to operate properly.
  2. To replace this unit, just disconnect the tubing from both ends of the assembly and replace with a new assembly, reattaching your tubing according to Step 1.

Please Note: This special pre-set back pressure regulator assembly is available as an assembly ONLY – replacement cartridges are NOT available separately.

CAUTION: Do not wrench tighten or loosen the back pressure regulator assembly. Doing so will void the preset pressure calibration.

Materials of Construction

  • PEEK
  • Gold Plated Stainless Steel
  • ETFE
  • Highly Fluorinated Elastomer