Low Pressure 4-Port Switching Valves Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

What is the Low-Pressure 4-Port Switching Valve?

The Low-Pressure 4-Port Switching Valves offer several flow distribution configurations. The right angle flow-switching valve (“L”) is a 2-Way selection valve, appropriate for detector or column switching applications. The 3-Way flow-switching valve (“T”) is an appropriate choice for applications that require a tee connector that can also be used as a 2-way selection valve. The 4-Way diagonal flow-switching valve can be used for protecting sensitive components, such as the column of an instrument during a cleaning or passivation cycle.

switching valve flow distribution


  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 500 psi (34 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 80˚C (176˚F)
  • Thru-hole diameter: .040" (1.0mm)
  • Port-to-port volume: 6.2μL (V-100D); 6.2μL (V-100L); 9.7μL (V-100T)
  • Wetted materials: Teflon® and PEEK

Included with the Valve

  • (4) P-218, ETFE 1/4-28 nut for 1/16" OD tubing
  • (4) P-240, ETFE ferrules for 1/16" OD tubing
  • (1) P-309, Plug for 1/4-28 ports (V-100T and V-100L only)

Plumbing Diagram

plumbing diagram for low pressure 4-port switching valve

Chemical Compatibility

Aliphatic SolutionsRR
Organic AcidsMR
Inorganic AcidsMR
Sulfonated CompoundsMR


M  Some solvents in this category are satisfactory, others are not. Please review the notes above or contact IDEX Health & Science for further information.

R  Recommended.