Low Pressure 4-Port Switching Valves Bulkhead Version Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

What is the Low-Pressure 4-Port Switching Valve?

The Low-Pressure 4-Port Switching Valves offer several flow distribution configurations. The right angle flow-switching valve (“L”) is a 2-Way selection valve, appropriate for detector or column switching applications. The 3-Way flow-switching valve (“T”) is an appropriate choice for applications that require a tee connector that can also be used as a 2-Way selection valve. The 4-Way diagonal flow-switching valve can be used for protecting sensitive components, such as the column of an instrument during a cleaning or passivation cycle.

switching valve flow distribution - bulkhead version


  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 500 psi (34 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 80˚C (176˚F)
  • Thru-hole diameter: .040" (1.0mm)
  • Port-to-port volume: 6.2μL (V-101D); 6.2μL (V-101L); 9.7μL (V-101T)
  • Wetted materials: Teflon® and PEEK

Included with the Valve

  • (4) P-218, ETFE 1/4-28 nuts for 1/16" OD tubing
  • (4) P-240, ETFE ferrules for 1/16" OD tubing
  • (1) P-309, Plug for 1/4-28 ports (V-101T and V-101L only)
  • (1) V-103, 0.050" Allen Wrench

Plumbing Diagram

plumbing diagram for low pressure 4-port switching valve bulkhead version


Bulkhead Mounting Instructions

  1. Drill the appropriately sized hole in the bulkhead (see Diagram A).
  2. Remove the rotary knob from the valve with the included Allen wrench; remove the Mounting Nut and Washer and set them aside.
  3. Insert the shaft of the new Valve through the bulkhead, aligning the Notch in the bulkhead’s mounting hole with the “Key” on the Valve body (see the Valve pictured in Diagram C). Place the Nut and Washer (removed in Step 2) on the shaft side and tighten, followed by reattaching the Rotary Knob (see Diagram B).

where to drill hole into bulkhead

diagram of bulkhead mounting

diagram of actuator mounting

Chemical Compatibility

Aliphatic SolutionsRR
Organic AcidsMR
Inorganic AcidsMR
Sulfonated CompoundsMR

M  Some solvents in this category are satisfactory, others are not. Please review the notes above or contact IDEX Health & Science for further information.

R  Recommended.