IDEX Health & Science Guard Columns Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

IDEX Health & Science Guard Columns

  1. The IDEX Health & Science Guard Column consists of a body, two column end fittings, two stainless steel rings, and two frits.
  2. Please note: The arrow on the body, as this represents the recommended direction of fluid flow through the unit.

  3. To pack, it is recommended that you first obtain the appropriate packing funnel for your guard column. Once this is obtained, ensure ring and frit are in place on the “outlet” end of the guard column and proceed with tightening the “outlet” column end fitting onto the body. (To do this, first hand tighten the end fitting and then wrench-tighten it another 1/8” turn). Remove the “inlet” end fitting, frit and stainless steel ring, and attach the packing funnel onto the exposed guard column body.
  4. Add some packing material to the top of the funnel and tap the guard column vertically on a hard surface at a rate of 1-3 taps per second for 15 seconds. Repeat this procedure until the column is full.
  5. Remove the funnel and scrape the excess packing material from the top of the guard column body using a razor blade. Place the stainless steel ring on the guard column body and place the frit inside the ring. Hand tighten the “inlet” column end fitting onto place, and then wrench-tighten it another 1/8 turn.
  6. Connect the packed guard column body to the flow path tubing, leaving the existing tubing unattached to the analytical column. Flow solvent at the normal operating flow rate through the guard column assembly for a period of 5 minutes. Disconnect the guard column assembly from the flow path tubing, remove the “inlet” column end fitting, frit and ring, and inspect the thru-hole for any void pockets which may have formed. If present, add additional packing material as described in Steps 3 & 4 above. Reconnect the assembled guard column to the flow path tubing and begin mobile phase flow through the unit.