FlushNut™ LiteTouch™ Fittings Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

FlushNut™ LiteTouch™ Fittings

  1. Slide the FlushNut, Stainless Steel Compression Ring and Polymer Ferrule, in that order, onto the tubing ensuring at least 3/16" of your flat-cut, burr-free tubing extends past the assembly. The side of the Ring with the wider flat surface should face toward the Nut and the narrow edged side of the Ring should face toward the Ferrule. (See image)
  2. Insert the assembly into the receiving port. Hold the tubing to the bottom of the port while finger tightening the Nut into place.
  3. Please note: IDEX Health & Science highly recommends using the FlushNut Wrench for installing and removing FlushNuts. Using the FlushNut Wrench (instructions included with the tool), and while continuing to hold the tubing down into the receiving port, tighten until the Ferrule is completely seated.

Please Note: Use caution when repeatedly using this product in plastic receiving ports, being careful not to overly tighten the fitting, as this may damage the receiving port.