Filter Packaging

by IDEX Health & Science

New Individual Clamshell PetG PackagingIndividual Packaging

Semrock uses individual PET-G packaging for standard-size catalog filters. This packaging allows Semrock to keep the parts cleaner, reduce potential defects caused by shipping & handling, and utilizes 100% recyclable PET materials.

PET- packaging for standard catalog part sizes:

  • 25 mm & 25.4 mm round parts (mounted & unmounted)
  • 25x36 mm or 22x29 mm parts (up to 2mm thick)
  • 12.5 mm & 12.7 mm round parts (mounted & unmounted)

Custom size filters in low volume will be packaged in envelopes lined with cleanroom grade, non-abrasive, resin-free, non-woven fabric.

Gel-Pak small part volume packaging

Custom size filters in larger volumes are typically packaged in Gel-Pak, Vacuum-ReleaseTM (VR) Gel-Pak, or multi-cavity PetG trays dependent on the part size, thickness and quantities. Filters packaged in standard 2" x 3" Gel-Pak can be removed using plastic-tipped tweezers. Filters packaged in either 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" VR Gel-Pak require the use of a vacuum release system prior to removing filters using plastic-tipped tweezers. Visit the Vacuum-Release Gel-Pak article for more information on the vacuum release system.

2" x 3" Gel-Pak

6" x 6" Vacuum-ReleaseTM Gel-Pak