Extender Tool

by IDEX Health & Science

Delrin® Extender Tool from IDEX Health & Science

Instructions to use Delrin® Extender Tool

  1. Please note the gate mark on the head of the nut (appears as an irregularity in the knurl pattern). Line up the tool with the gate mark showing in the open slot of the tool.
  2. Slide the tool all the way down on the nut head.
  3. Special Note for the Valves: We recommend that you slide the tool only half way down, such that the top of the nut head is just even with the ends of the set-mark ribs on the outside.

    Special Note for Teflon® Bodies: This tool may strip out threads if used to tighten nuts into shallow ports in a Teflon body.

  4. Tighten the nut by turning the tool clockwise. The tool will expand and “break away” from the nut after the set torque has been achieved. Slide the tool off the nut.

General Notes:

  1. The torque achieved with this tool is dependent on the type of polymer used to manufacture the nut, the degree of nut head engagement and normal manufacturing tolerances.
  2. The set-mark ribs on the side of the tool are for general reference; you may need to adjust the distance that the nut head extends into the tool for your particular application.