Electrically-Conductive Perfluoroelastomer Micro Ferrule Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

Electrically-Conductive Perfluoroelastomer Micro Ferrule

  1. After placing the appropriate nut over your tubing, position the Micro Ferrule over the tubing, ensuring it is in the proper orientation (Please see diagram for reference). Make certain the tubing is flush with the end of the Micro Ferrule prior to connecting the assembly into its receiving port.
  2. Insert the tubing and Ferrule until they bottom out inside the receiving port. While holding the tubing in place, securely tighten the nut, following its “Instructions for Use.”
  3. Begin running your equipment as normal, checking for leaks from the fitting or receiving port; if a leak is found, check the connection to ensure it has been made properly. Be careful not to overtighten the nut, as this may damage the tubing and/or Micro Ferrule.

Please Note: IDEX Health & Science Micro Ferrules must be used with the appropriate fittings to ensure a proper connection is made. For a recommendation regarding which fitting should be used with your Micro Ferrule, please contact IDEX Health & Science or your local distributor directly.