Bulkhead Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve Instruction Guide

by IDEX Health & Science

The Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve is designed to work in conjunction with the IDEX Health & Science 1/4-28 Female to Male Quick Connect Luer Adapter (included with the assembly, but not included when the valve is purchased separately.)

  1. Connect your flow path tubing to the Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve and Quick Connect Luer Adapter bodies, using 1/4-28 flat-bottom fittings.
  2. When engaged, this valve allows flow in either direction. To engage, insert the Quick Connect Luer Adapter tip into the Quick Stop Luer Check Valve and finger tighten the Luer Adapter’s locking ring securely into place. Simply untwist the adapter to disconnect the two pieces.

    Please Note: When disconnecting the assembly, fluid flow is only “checked” through the Quick Stop Luer Check Valve body, NOT through the Quick Connect Luer Adapter body. Please take appropriate caution when disconnecting the assembly.

  4. For bulkhead mounting: Drill a 3/8" thru-hole in the bulkhead. Unscrew the nut and washer from the check valve body. Slide the check valve through the mounting hole. Thread the lock washer and nut (in that order) onto the check valve body. Finger tighten until snug. Further tighten 1/4-turn with 1/2" wrench.
  5. Operate your system and check for leaks. Tighten fittings as required.