Biocompatible Inlet / Outlet 1/4-28 to 10-32 Inline Check Valve

by IDEX Health & Science

Biocompatible Inlet/Outlet 1/4-28 to 10-32 Inline Check Valve

Instructions for Use

Biocompatible Inlet / Outlet Check Valves for use with tubing up to 1/8" OD.

  1. Install the 1/4-28 to 10-32 Inlet / Outlet check valve into any 10-32 coned internal port. Finger tighten until snug.

    Please Note: Ensure flow direction is the same as arrow marked on side of the check valve body.

  3. Use 1/4-28 Super Flangeless, Flangeless or Flanged fittings to connect the tubing to the internally threaded port.
  4. Operate your system, checking for leaks and tightening fittings as required.

Please Note: Metal fittings are not recommended as they may damage the ports.