Maximize TIRF Microscopy Performance with Optical Filters

TIRF, total-internal-reflection-fluorescence microscopy enables high-sensitivity techniques for selectively imaging features in a narrow “slice” of a sample. In TIRF microscopy, the excitation light path of a conventional epifluorescence microscope is modified such that only a thin section of the specimen located near the cover glass is illuminated¹.

What kind of filter can block unwanted light and enhance transmission of desired light?

Hard-coated filters for fluorescence imaging, pioneered by Semrock, a unit of IDEX Health & Science.

View this webinar by Product Manager, Prashant Prabhat to learn the following:

  • How application specific Semrock filters can help control aberrations in TIRF microscopy
  • Discover tools for spectral evaluation

¹ Perfecting TIRF Optics, pg.1


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