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    VersaChrome® Tunable Filters from IDEX Health & Science Now Enabling Tunable Raman Spectroscopy


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    Rochester, New York, October 12, 2020 — IDEX Health & Science (IH&S), industry leader in optofluidic components and subsystems, announces the market expansion of its patented Semrock line of VersaChrome® tunable bandpass and tunable edge optical filters beyond fluorescence microscopy into tunable Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging applications.

    VersaChrome tunable bandpass filters allow fixed bandwidth tuning of the center wavelength (CWL) of up to 12% per filter to the blue through angle-tuning, and the tunable edge filters allow up to 12% tuning of long pass or short pass edges to tune with a tunable laser, or combined to create variable bandwidth passbands. The tuning capability of these filters are well known for their unlimited spectral flexibility of excitation or emission passbands for fluorescence microscopy and hyperspectral imaging, and now their versatility is enabling Raman spectroscopy applications.

    “The tuning capability of these filters delivers unlimited spectral flexibility of excitation or emission passbands for fluorescence microscopy and hyperspectral imaging, and edge tuning to align with supercontinuum & tunable laser sources for Raman spectroscopy applications,” said Liam Casey, PhD, Director, Product Management-Semrock Filters. “VersaChrome filters allows researchers and OEM designers to fine-tune edge positions, optimize fixed passband center wavelengths, and create unique passband widths to maximize signal and contrast within their instrument,” continued Casey.

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