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Puppies Get New Canine Condo with 25K Donation from IDEX Foundation

Feb 9, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

25K donation to Summit Assistance Dogs

The Oak Harbor Team held a volunteer day at Summit Assistance Dogs in January. Employees braved the 20° F weather and helped install some handrails and grab bars for the new dog housing—the “Canine Condo”. The IDEX Foundation also approved a $25,000 donation. The donation will allow the organization to move forward with insulating the brand-new kennel facility.

“These donations, both financially and of volunteerism, have been a highlight of this past year for sure! These skilled volunteers saved us considerable money on construction. With rising inflation and an uncertain economy, these contributions have been instrumental in making progress in many areas,” said Sue Meinzinger, Founder/Executive Director at Summit Assistance Dogs.

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Volunteer Impact

  • 12 volunteer days were held in 2023
  • 288 total volunteer hours
  • 15 employees participated
  • Tasks Completed:
    • Built and installed wall framing in Canine Condo
    • Framed out reception desk in Canine Condo
    • Installed drywall fixturing in Canine Condo
    • Installed interior pumphouse insulation
    • Installed interior pumphouse drywall
    • Installed exterior pumphouse insulation
    • Installed blocking for wall monitors, grab rails and stair railings
    • Taking part in assistance dog training exercises
    • Making training treats
    • Assisting with grooming
    • Clearing wooded trails
    • Cleaning kennels
    • Excavating fallen trees
    • Designed and built an ADA-accessible picnic table

It was not all hard labor for our volunteers. In addition to building the Canine Condo, employees helped socialize the dogs during numerous monthly on-site visits at our Oak Harbor facility.

“The Summit Assistance Dogs staff and IDEX Health & Science volunteers have come together in a meaningful way to positively impact the lives of people with mobility limitation, and we get to play with puppies,” said Carlene Schmelke, Procurement Director at IDEX Health & Science, who has helped to lead these volunteer efforts.

About Summit Assistance Dogs:

Summit Assistance Dogs is a nonprofit organization that creates life-changing partnerships by providing highly-skilled mobility service dogs for people living with disabilities in the Pacific Northwest.

By assisting with tasks such as retrieving items, opening and closing doors, and turning switches on and off, our dogs help their partners live with greater independence and confidence. These companions can also help diminish depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Learn more about our volunteer efforts.