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Community Engagement

Company-Wide Food Drive Yields Over 15,000lbs of Food

Jul 26, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

2022 company-wide food drive results in 15,786lbs of food collected

The IDEX Foundation challenged businesses across IDEX to collect food and donate it to their local food pantries April through June. This is the foundation’s third Food Insecurity Campaign since the pandemic began. The IDEX Foundation also donated $5,000 USD to each food bank selected by each IDEX business unit—culminating in a total of $30,000 in donations from IDEX Health & Science. 15,746lbs of food was collected by our employees, and each $5,000 donation equals 10,000 meals!


Bristol team collects 1,145lbs of food

Our Bristol site collected 1,145 pounds of food and personal items for the Lutheran Zion Church in Bristol, CT to support their Meals for Neighbors program, which offers a free food operation four nights per week. The IDEX foundation also donated $5,000. The Bristol team is planning on sponsoring a meal as well as gathering up some employees to help prepare, cook and serve a meal for residents.


Carlsbad team collects 230lbs of food

Our Carlsbad team, a division made up of 16 employees, were able to donate 230 pounds of food for the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, in addition to an IDEX Foundation donation of $5,000. Combined with the North County Food Bank chapter, these organizations comprise the largest hunger-relief organization in San Diego County serving, on average, 500,000 people per month.


Kawaguchi team collects 40lbs of food

Employees from our Kawaguchi facility in Japan collected over 40 pounds of food. The food was donated to the NPO “Kodomo-no-Ibashodukuri in Kawaguchi”. Since 2020, They have made a donation of U.S. $900-1,000 each year to the NPO, which provides free resources to the community including food and basic supplies.


Middleboro team collects 4,836lbs of food

Employees from Middleboro collected 4,836 pounds of food for the South Shore Community Action Council in Plymouth. South Shore Community Action Council provides food assistance to approximately 9,000 children, elderly and families every month. The IDEX Foundation also donated $5,000.

Oak Harbor

Our oak harbor team collected 6,236lbs of food

The Oak Harbor team came together and collected 6,236 pounds of food, which was donated to North Whidbey Help House, a local food bank in Oak Harbor. The organization was incorporated in 1977 as a “stand-alone” food bank. The IDEX Foundation donated $5,000.

Rochester / Lima

Rochester, NY team collects 2,067lbs of food

Participants from our Rochester and Lima facilities donated 2,067 pounds of food to Foodlink, a Rochester, NY nonprofit serving as the “hub of emergency food system across a 10-county service area.” Through a multifaceted approach, Foodlink aims to not only provide food assistance, but to also create programs that aim to build the health and wealth of the communities they serve.

Rohnert Park

Our Rohnert Park, CA team collected 1,232lbs of food

The Rohnert Park site collected 1,232 pounds of food for the Redwood Empire Food Bank in Santa Rosa, CA—the largest hunger-relief organization in the area that provides emergency food to individuals, families, seniors, and children. $1,795 in donations were also collected from employees and the IDEX Foundation donated $5,000. For added fun, two weekly contests were held where employees were asked to donate a specific kind of canned food: “Soup Week” and “Fruits and Veggies.”

A huge thank you to all the sites and coordinators who made this happen!

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