Community Engagement

Building Garden Beds, Building Horticulture Skills

Apr 29, 2021 by IDEX Health & Science

garden team

Khalil Aboushama is a Manufacturing Associate for our optical filters coating line. For years at our Buffalo Road Semrock facility, he maintained (on his own time and dime) raised garden beds outside of the building which provided fresh vegetables to our employees during the summer. Since moving to IDEX Health & Science, Life Science Optics Center of Excellence on John Street, Khalil has been looking for volunteers to help him start a new, bigger, and better garden.

That dream became a reality on Wednesday, April 28th as we broke ground (literally – see the videos below of the team using an auger) and built over 15 raised garden beds. Our gardening team will meet up again to build and plant an additional row of beds that include a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruit bushes. The gardening team plans to maintain and harvest throughout the season.

On Wednesday, May 26th the planting started. Our Gardening team met up for the afternoon to plant over 50 tomato plants and a few dozen peppers.

Check back on this blog for more images and videos of the harvest as it grows.