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Laser-Matter Interaction Improves Nanostructure Fabrication Process

Nov 8, 2022, 02:00 AM by User Not Found

Recent progress in the fabrication of nanostructures has led to their application in numerous fields, including materials engineering, environmental remediation, biomedicine, and more. In particular, nanostructure nanochannels with at least one physical dimension smaller than 100 nm are actively studied for their potential use in DNA stretching, nanofluidics, and artificial membranes.

For example, in traditional DNA testing methods based on polymerase chain reaction, a single mutated gene is easily treated as noise. Inside nanochannels with sub-100-nm diameter, the DNA molecule can be stretched along a line. As a result, it is possible to investigate the base pairs one-by-one along a single DNA, through which the single mutated gene...
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