Welcome to the
    Fittings 101 Video Series

    In this series of videos, you will learn the basics of connections and fittings including: What a fitting is and how it works. How to differentiate between types of nuts and ferrules. Why choosing the correct fittings for your application is integral to making a perfection connection. And how to easily achieve perfect UHPLC connections with our torque limiting technology.

    Videos Topics:

    1. Fittings 101 Video Series Overview
    2. Nuts
    3. Ferrules
    4. How Fittings Work
    5. Torque Limiting Technology

    Series Overview

    Watch the other videos in our Fittings 101 series below and take a deep dive into learning by downloading our handbook, “Fittings 101: A Practical Guide to Connections and Fittings in Your Laboratory”

    Video #2- Nuts

    Learn more about fluidic connections, such as nuts, in our Fittings 101 Guide.

    Video #3- Ferrules

    Which way should the tapered nose of a ferrule face? For more details, download our Fittings 101 Guide.

    Video #4- How Fittings Work

    Download a copy of our Fittings 101 Guide to learn more how fittings work.

    Video #5- Torque Limiting Technology

    For more in-depth information about torque limiting technology and MarvelXACT, download our Fittings 101 Guide.


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