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Fittings 101 Guide thumbnail

Fittings 101 Guide
A practical guide to connections and fittings in your laboratory

Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings poster thumbnail

Table of Analytical Fittings
Our Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings illustrates over 100 analytical fittings’ pressure rating, tubing size, head style, fitting material, and torque required.

MarvelX brochure thumbnail

MarvelX Brochure
Next-generation UHPL connection technology

MarvelXACT brochure thumbnail

MarvelXACT Brochure
Trouble-free UHPLC connections for exact performance every time

group of fluidic connections

Shop Fluidic Connections
Comprehensive line of standard and custom tubing, connectors, fittings, and more.

2 probes

Sipper Probes & Assemblies
Designed to control specifications and tolerances.

Chemical Compatibility web page thumbnail

Chemical Compatibility Guide
Check what materials will work with the chemicals you are using or planning to use or view what compatibility ratings are given to a material you are planning to use.

Subsytem brochure thumbnail

Integrated Fluidic Subsystem Brochure
We specialize in controlling and directing fluid so you can automate your fluidic process in a simple package and form factor.