Streamline Higher End Flow Paths with Custom Rotary Shear Valves

How can you reduce instrument complexity?

Prototyping the complex geometries of valve stators can be expensive and time-consuming. With state-of-the-art design tools including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), IDEX Health & Science will create simulations to evaluate and optimize your valve designs virtually. With this technology, our team can develop custom rotary shear valve designs quickly and test a one-of-a-kind robust solution before the first parts are manufactured—providing a streamlined solution to your most challenging flow paths.

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Used in diagnostics, chromatography and biotech applications that have small internal swept volume and no fluid pumping when actuated, our custom rotary shear valves are a performance powerhouse. They can handle up to 24 reagent ports to fit the form and function of your specific application requirements. The result is a valve that will eliminate flow path disruptions greatly increasing your instruments efficiency and results. View our white paper, Understanding and Testing Fluid Flow for Custom Valve Design to learn more.

Benefits of Custom Rotary Shear Valves

  • Vastly reduces system complexity.
  • Can mount directly to manifolds to easily create a seamless fluidic pathway.
  • Tailor made groove patterns to give you the ability to create complex grove patterns.
  • Cost effective and have a quicker turnaround.
Our technical team of Engineers, Scientists and Technicians deploy a wide array of tools, combined with many years of experience, to provide partnership in solving your fluidic flow path challenges. Partner with us for your next custom valve project to offer the highest value, shortest lead-time and unique customizable results.

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